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Scattergood Foundation Innovation Award

The Scattergood foundation is an entity that, in their own words, is driven by a disruptive sense of purpose to challenge and change how behavioral healthcare is viewed, organized and practiced. From their website:

The Foundation takes its name from Thomas Scattergood, a 19th-century Philadelphia Quaker minister who protested the harsh conditions faced by the mentally ill. Scattergood advocated for moral treatment, a model of treating the mentally ill with dignity, respect, kindness, and love.

The Scattergood Foundation intends to employ an active, strategic approach to grantmaking to accomplish its vision. Scattergood will take an active role in identifying initiatives consistent with its priorities, seeking out organizations that can advance these initiatives, and awarding grants in a manner that can make a targeted and measurable impact.

Box of Stars is nominated for Scattergood Foundation’s Innovation Award, which recognizes innovations that advance behavioral health policy and practice. Winning this award would give a significant boost to our abilities to effectively promote awareness of and reduce stigmas associated with mental illness. While the successful implementation of our projects is entirely achievable, having the ability to promote them effectively and acquire the scope of outreach we are striving for requires significant resources.

Please take a moment and visit our submission page on the Scattergood website. If you agree that the connections we all have with music present an opportunity to open a new dialog regarding mental health, then please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Every comment gets us closer to entering the second round of the competition, the public voting period.

Thank you for supporting our vision.